The concluding part of our sack race special has four managers also on the ropes. All they need to do is to have a good season. Easy to say but extremely difficult even if you’re trying to “buy trophies”. Here are the managers facing the sack.


“There is only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance” 

This quote has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with this article but I had to put a philosophical quote somewhere here because of our man here. With Manchester United spending money like Floyd Mayweather, it’s not difficult to see why this is sink or swim for Louis Van Gaal.

The philosopher must turn his expensively assembled team into a winning machine. One also capable of exciting, effective, attacking football. Anything short of a strong title challenge and at least a semi final place in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and probably a cup title might see “The Pre Season” one spending his next season in some retirement home in Amsterdam coaching in the Dutch U-70 league.

Look at all the "process" and "philosophy" in this picture.
Look at all the “process” and “philosophy” in this picture.

It is time for the tree of philosophy to begin bearing fruits, if not things even more serious than the sacking of the Dutch gaffer are going to…… well……. go out of hand. By that I mean the banter. Oh the banter! I can feel the keypads crunching already, the bants in the drafts, it’s going to be bloody and the Old Trafford faithful won’t be enjoying it one bit, regardless of how humorous it is.

Return to the glory days or at least a very close semblance of return to the glory days looks to be the only options on the table for Van Gaal, any faint of weaknesses, failings of new signings or star players and poor results would be over scrutinized and overly criticized by the media, this would be one worth watching I tell ya.

Note to LVG: let’s go there! Also, it won’t kill you to answer questions straightforward.



Has done a fine job so far at the French capital but he really needs an assault on the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE to underline PSG’s pursuit of European recognition. The recognition the owners have so gleefully doled out cash to purchase. PSG needs a strong campaign in the champion’s league to ensure his safety as gaffer. The availability of top class coaches is the biggest problem for him.

Note to Blanc: Merde.



Poor Manuel got caught up in Jose’s mind games, oh poor Manuel, you shrewd and intelligent manager must find a way to wrest the English Premier League title from the wretched hands of that evil mastermind with a holistic style of football, one the eyes approve of, not the bus parking tactics of the evil one.

New Yokohama tires for that bus? Oh Manuel you must show them who is boss, why football should be success with beauty not just success and dross. You must find a way to motivate those overly paid players of yours (Sterling), give them hunger!! And please no more limp Man city European campaigns, you have a fan base to build, we don’t need empty seats when legend Totti is in the house.

Note to Manuel: Option D, all of the above.


That abysmally dismal debacle of last season must NOT repeat itself! That’s all!


Oh my friends thanks for reading this, I leave you with an actual quote from Confucius “The urge to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”

Au Revoir Amigos!