Confucius once said:

“Football coaching is a hire-fire typa job”.

Okay I admit it wasn’t Confucius. I don’t even know who did but heck; who cares what Confucius or the other bloke once said?

Point is, managers gets jobs only when other managers are fired and truth be told some managers have relatively safer jobs than others.

Imagine The Arsenal down in League 2 and you’d still see Le Professeur struggling with his track suit zipper by the touch-line. Circumstances determine the safety of a manager’s job and at times some find themselves more likely to be divorced from their ‘beloved’ clubs for errors as little as say downloading porn on the club’s Wi-Fi, or not winning the Champions League.

How dare he not win the Champions League!

We look at four managers in this first part of the sack race series who are very likely to get axed if they do not have darn well impressive seasons. Nothing short of an excellent season would be tolerated for any of these guys. It’s make or break; sink or swim time, let’s see who got the largest gills …or skills.

It doesn’t help the cause of these managers on Sack row (see what I did there? Death row, Sack row…… oh genius me). The fact that fantastic managers such as Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp, and Vincenzo Montella are on sabbatical and would be available if a manager is booted is bad news to these managers – if say the manager’s performance is less than desirable to the fans and board. Here are the (unlucky) managers who may face the rap in the event of a poor season…half season or first ten games.


Brendan Rodgers has already been sacked. He should have listened to us.
Brendan Rodgers has already been sacked. He should have listened to us.

Just when I thought transfers couldn’t get much worse than Andrea Commolli’s £35m signing of Andy Carroll, the Liverpool Transfer Committee happened. A group whose activities can be briefly summarized thus; GARBAGE!

Perhaps it’s in recognition of this that they have been patient with Rodgers, but be that as it may, patience is wearing thin from the fans and he and the club hierarchy are going to find themselves under the microscope and whoever is responsible for any failings whatsoever won’t matter as the easiest thing to do is blame the manager and get rid of him.

Quick to preach the values of a progressive, aesthetically pleasing brand of football, it is in the defensive aspect of the game that Rodgers has to improve. Defenders such as Skrtel, Moreno, Toure, Sakho, Lovren and occasionally Can have all being deemed to have not performed to the required level, conceding the highest number of goals from defensive errors last season. certainly the defensive tactics must be improved as Liverpool seem to have a huge gap between their offensive and defensive play which is a huge strain on the transition from attack to defense which usually takes much more time than can be allowed at such level of football, resulting in the defenders being exposed too often.

Two (2) seasons after a huge assault on the league title, an assault that earned him the LMA manager of the year award, Rodgers finds himself in a kill or be killed situation.

Note to Brendan: pick up the phone, dial Southampton and spend all the Sterling money on Pelle, he is the Italian Pele!


Steady times at the Bernabeu for Rafa.... For now.
Steady times at the Bernabeu for Rafa…. For now.

Quite simply put, when you are coach at Real Madrid, every season, every month, every week, every day, every second, even in your dreams, it is make or break squeaky bum time. I know squeaky bum doesn’t really work here, I just felt like saying squeaky bum time……….*evil grin*

Note to Rafa: enjoy the MONEY


Pep is battling his reputation and huge expectations at Bayern.
Pep is battling his reputation and huge expectations at Bayern.

Five trophies in two seasons would usually keep your job as a manager safe even at a club with history and lofty ambitions such as DiëBayern, but this is a terribly unusual situation for Pep for two reasons. One is that the team won the treble just before his arrival, and because he is quite unfortunately (in this scenario) the mastermind of the best football team the world has witnessed in recent years and is expected to be some kind of genius. The avatar of football coaching, able to bend all of the 4 (tactical, technical, physical & mental) elements of  football performance to create an aesthetically pleasing and Champions League winning team.

Having a team way better than all other teams in the Bundesliga has become more of a problem to them than a blessing, as the team slows down at the latter end of the season having won the league title by the time they are competing in the latter stages of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and seem to lack the necessary intensity to compete with Europe’s elite as a result of the lack of continuous competitiveness. Injuries have also played their part but with fans patience wearing thin, Pep has no other option than to deliver the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE title.

Note to Pep: You wear really nice pants, keep it up …………..and oh you are a genius, figure it out and win the damn thing…..*blows kisses*


Can a football article be complete without the mention of The Special One? Especially one in which his star-crossed lover is mentioned? Sun Tzu doesn’t think and I didn’t think so too? He might have won the league and league cup titles last season but Abrahamovic is a trigger happy soccaristocrat and would be demanding a UEFA Champions League title from the Portuguese gaffer sooner rather than later, anything other than a convincing UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE outing (preferably a win) and/or 1 or 2 domestic titles might see Jose’s ass on the Bunsen burner.


Note to Jose: win the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE again, if only just to banter Wenger. You know you want to. Oh well Manchester United, Manchester City probably even Bayern awaits you.  win. win Oi?